City Planters is a summer and winter outdoor planter maintenance company that specializes in the selling of hanging flowering planters for use on utility poles and building facades, ground planters containers, interior landscaping and fresh floral dish gardens.

We’ve developed our own special “recipes” for both Summer baskets and Winter baskets. We offer expert consultation for bracket location and design and recommendations for blacksmith fabrication.  A licensed general contractor must Install the iron bracket. City Planters can install double arm brackets on utility poles after clearance by Seattle City Light or other municipality.

Our daily expert maintenance distinguishes our service from the rest, and the planters really show it… many achieve spectacular growth of up to 4′ in height at the peak of their season!

Established in January 1984 (Now celebrating 30 years!) to serve the Pioneer Square Business Improvement Association, we sold the idea to property owners, managers, and retail merchants who ordered flowering planters to enhance their business retail area. We’ve grown steadily ever since, with additional neighborhood associations wanting to duplicate the flowering ambiance of Pioneer Square.

If you are interested bringing the year-round natural beauty of hanging flowering planters to your neighborhood or Business Improvement Area, we’d like to hear from you! Please contact us and we’ll respond at our earliest opportunity.

Reservations & invoicing for Summer Hanging Baskets are taken in December, deposits in January, for installation mid-May.

Reservations & invoicing for Winter Baskets are taken in June, deposits in July, for installation mid-October.